Why are stamped plans required?
Applications shall be accompanied by drawings to accurate scale in ink, blueprint or tracing and typewritten specifications in duplicate, and any additional detailed drawings or other information required by the Building Inspector shall also be furnished in duplicate.

For construction of new residential dwellings in excess of 1500 square feet of living space, plans stamped by a New York State licensed Architect or Professional Engineer are required by the New York State Education Law.

As specified in the Town Code, where the estimated cost of construction of the proposed work exceeds $10,000, or in the opinion of the Building Inspector, entails significant structural construction or alteration, drawings shall be prepared, signed and stamped by an Architect or Professional Engineer licensed to practice in the State of New York. Drawings shall give the locations of the building and live floor loads, if other than those specified in the Uniform Code, kinds of occupancy, number of families or occupants and all necessary information with reference to existing constructions and shall include a property survey.

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2. Why are stamped plans required?
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