FEIS Consultant & Interested Agency Comments

Memos from Town Consultants, Planning Board Members and Interested Agencies

  1. Richmond Letter to Building Inspector_011419
  2. Building Dept Response Re NIL Zoning_012219
  3. AKRF Memo Re NIL FEIS_040419
  4. Jacobson Memo Re Comm Campus at Fields Corner_040519
  5. Coleman Memo Re Comm Campus at FC_040719
  6. PC Sheriff Letter Re Comm Campus at Fields Corner_040419
  7. Patterson Supervisor Letter Re Northeast Logistics_040519
  8. AKRF_NEIL FEIS Memo Update_041219
  9. Jacobson Updated Memo Comm Campus at Fields Corner_041519
  10. Letter from NYS Attorney Generals Office_042919
  11. NYC DEP Re Comm Campus at Fields Corner_070319
  12. Comm Campus at Fields Corner Attorney Response to DEP Letter_ 071219
  13. Town of Patterson Letter to Southeast 071719
  14. Wetland Inspector feiscompletenessreview120819
  15. Town Planner 2019-12-09_FEIS Traffic Follow Up Memo
  16. Town Engineer 12-08-19 Commercial Campus at Fields Corner
  17. Town Planner 2019-12-06_Revised FEIS Review
  18. Town Planner FEIS Traffic Follow Up Memo_2019-12-09
  19. Town Planner_Revised FEIS Review_2019-12-09
  20. Town of Patterson Letter to Town_120919
  21. Town Engineer Memo 01-17-20
  22. Town Planner Revised FEIS Review_2020-02-10
  23. Town Planner _Commercial Campus FEIS Traffic Review Memo_2020_02_13
  24. Wetland Inspector FEIS Review_030120
  25. Town Engineer_072320 Commercial Campus at Fields Corner
  26. DEP email Re Commercial Campus at Fields Corner_072420
  27. Town Planner_2020-07-24_Revised FEIS Review
  28. Wetland Inspector e-mail_072420
  29. ENB SEQRA Notice_07.29.20
  30. NYS Office of Attorney General Letter_091020
  31. JMC Response to WIG Comments_09-23-2020
  32. CCFC Memo re Public Hearing Questions 9.25.2020
  33. JMC Memo to LaPerch_2020-09-25