Code Enforcement


Code Enforcement Officers serve under the administration of the Town Board and work in the Building Department.  They work closely with the Planning Board on many projects. Proper enforcement of the Town Code ensures the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the community, and protects the quality of life enjoyed by all.


Code Enforcement Officers are the Town's representatives on land use regulation and enforcement and their duties include but are not limited to:
  • Enforcement of the Town Code of the Town of Southeast.
  • Review of Building Permit applications for compliance with Town Zoning regulations.
  • Investigating Zoning issues and complaints, following a program to reach resolution of violations, or implementing measures to bring the matter to the Courts.
  • Referring and routing applications to the Zoning Board of Appeals for variances.

Acting on a Violation

Code Enforcement Officers may become aware of violations of the Town Code from a citizen, a Town official, or by their own observation. In acting on the violation, the Code Enforcement Officer generally acts on the matter in the following sequence.
  1. The Code Enforcement Officer receives notice of the violation.
  2. An investigation is made to determine the details of the violation.
  3. The violator is contacted in person and/or in writing and is given the opportunity (within a specified period of time) to remedy the violation.
  4. The violator may choose to seek "relief" by applying for a variance or an amendment to the regulations.
  5. Failure to remedy the violation or to seek relief means that the Code Enforcement Officer may bring the matter to the Court system for review.

Reasons for Violation

On occasion, residents will unknowingly violate the Town Code because they do not realize that their action may require an application to the Building Department for a permit, or is prohibited in order to protect our community's environment, character and property values. Some examples are:
  • Installation or construction of a swimming pool, fence, wall, deck, shed or any other structure that exceeds 48 inches in height without a permit.
  • Outside storage of unregistered or inoperable motor vehicles or automotive parts.
  • In non-residential buildings, occupancy by a new tenant or business, and/or installation of a new sign

More Information

Requests for information about the Zoning Code and/or variances may be directed to the Code Enforcement Officer by phone or fax.