Public Involvement / Participation

The Town can reap the benefit of a stronger program and higher levels of compliance if they involve people in planning and implementing the Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) right from the beginning. Important partnerships can be cultivated for planning and implementing the program through the public involvement activities. Controlling stormwater runoff should begin at every household. There are many small steps that each person can take to incorporate personal stormwater management at home.
A person uses a large stencil to spray paint Dump No Waste, Drains to Stream

Interest Groups

To educate residents and encourage involvement, the Town of Southeast will engage public interest groups in an ongoing process of reporting on the SWMP and welcoming public comment at public hearings involving the plan.

Stenciling Program

In the future, the Town will develop a storm drain stenciling program in coordination with the Highway Department to be implemented by volunteer groups in the Town.