Public Education & Outreach

Public education and outreach is a key component of stormwater management. Well-planned public education and outreach programs will support and help achieve the goals of the other minimum control measures. Personal and household decisions can have a large impact on stormwater. From car washing to laundry detergent to dog walking, small alteration in daily activities can make a difference. The Town continues to take steps towards spreading awareness.

Croton Plan

Southeast has prepared the Town’s portion of the Comprehensive Croton System Water Quality Protection Plan (the “Croton Plan”) as part of the NYCDEP Watershed Memorandum of Agreement.
Stormwater and the Community
The Croton Plan includes basinwide assessments of phosphorus loading into reservoir basins and identifies potential remediation measures to limit phosphorus loading and achieve TMDLs (Total Maximum Daily Load. In addition, the Town adopted an updated Comprehensive Plan to address development and water quality issues. An implementation program is ongoing.


A TMDL defines the pollutant load that a water body can assimilate without causing violations of water quality standards, and allocates the loading between contributing point sources and non-point source categories.

Implemented Changes

The Town has implemented changes to its site plan and subdivision review procedures and to its resolutions of approval to implement stronger erosion and sediment control measures. For instance, regulations now require a preconstruction meeting with the Town Engineer, Town Highway Superintendent, Town Planner, and NYCDEP to review relevant stormwater best management practices that have been included on project plans and that inspections take place on a regular basis.

Future Efforts

The Town of Southeast continues to plan and conduct public education and outreach programs. Efforts include distribution of a flyer or fact sheet at Town Hall and other Town offices to residents and businesses regarding the Town’s efforts to comply with Phase II regulations and the need to reduce phosphorus loading.

School Curricula

The Town is also working with the Brewster Central School District to develop curricula in the fourth grade related to stormwater awareness. School children could create stormwater educational displays that can rotate throughout the Town and be exhibited in public buildings (e.g., Town Hall, School, Community Center, Train Station, etc.).