The Highway Department is located on Palmer Road just outside the Village of Brewster. At this site we have:
  • An 80 foot by 150 foot maintenance and storage garage in which we house our trucks and equipment. In this building, we have the Highway Department’s administrative offices, our motor vehicle maintenance and repair shop and our operations center. This building is equipped with a diesel powered generator, which enables us to operate in all conditions.
  • A 60 foot by 112 foot salt storage building in which we store our road salt and sand salt mixture.
  • A liquid calcium chloride spray station, which is used for our anti-icing and de-icing operations.
  • A computerized vehicle and equipment refueling station which has above ground concrete vaulted tanks.
  • We also maintain inventories of sand, gravel, crushed stone, cold mix and asphalt at this site. Drainage materials such as culvert pipe and catch basins are also kept here, enabling us to repair problems quickly.


The Town of Southeast Highway Department has sixteen full-time employees that provide a full range of services on the Town's approximately 95-mile road system, which is comprised of 187 separate roads, 13 of these roads are unpaved.


The highway department provides the following services:
  • Road resurfacing and repairs
  • Installations and maintenance of swales and sluiceways
  • Installation and maintenance of curbs and gutters
  • Installation and maintenance of piped drainage systems
  • Grading of gravel roads and shoulders
  • Roadside mowing, tree trimming and brush and weed control
  • Installation and maintenance of guide rails and posts
  • Snow removal
  • Street sweeping