CERTIFIED COPIES OF Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates

If an original birth, death or marriage certificate was issued by the Town of Southeast, then it will be obtainable at the Town Clerk's office. The birth, death or marriage must have taken place in the Town of Southeast in order for the Town to be the legal custodian of the document.


  • Birth certificates (PDF) are only available to the person listed on the certificate or their parents, unless the record is more than 75 years old and is being requested by a descendant for genealogical purposes only.
  • Death certificates (PDF) are only available to the spouse, parent or adult child of the decedent. Death certificates more than 50 years old are available to the descendant of the deceased for genealogical purposes only.
  • Marriage certificates (PDF) are only available to the persons listed on the certificate. After 50 years, a Marriage certificate is available for genealogical purposes and only if the parties are deceased.