Board of Ethics


  • Kathleen Chiudina, Term Expires: 12/31/26
  • Ricardo Lopez, Term Expires: 12/31/26
  • Eric Levine, Term Expires: 12/31/26
  • Janice O'Connor, Term Expires: 12/31/26
  • Vacancy, Term Expires: 12/31/26


Pursuant to the provisions of §806 of the General Municipal Law, the Town Board of the Town of Southeast recognizes that there are rules of ethical conduct for public officers and employees which must be observed if the highest degree of moral responsibility is to be obtained and if public confidence is to be maintained in our unit of local government. It is the purpose of this Board to promulgate these rules of ethical conduct for the officers and employees of this Town.


The Board consists of 5 members who serve 3-year terms.