Local Landmarks

The Seth Howes Home
The Seth Howes Home ("Morningthorpe") on Turk Hill Road
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  • AP Brush House, Dingle Ridge Road
  • The Birthplace of Fanny Crosby, Foggintown Road (Ms. Crosby was blind but became well-known as a Methodist hymn writer)
  • Budd's Tavern (The Elks Lodge), Route 22
  • David DeForest House at Sherwood Hill Road
  • DF Bailey House, Dingle Ridge Road
  • Drewsclift Cemetary, Deans Corner Road
  • Drewsclift, Deans Corner Road
  • The Edith Diehl House, Route 22
  • Egbert Howes House, Turk Hill Road
  • Enoch Crosby Homestead, Maple Road
  • Field House, Fields Lane
  • Fowler House, Root Avenue
  • H. Dean House, Deans Corner Road
  • Howes House, Route 6 and Drewville Road