Brewster Yards / P/K/A PROSWING

ProSwing Sports Realty, Inc. (the “Applicant”) proposes to construct a commercial recreation complex to include a 34,855-square foot recreation building, various smaller concession/restroom and maintenance buildings of 3,600 square feet or less each, nine synthetic turf fenced and lighted baseball fields with amenities, one synthetic turf multi-sport field, and associated utilities including two or more wells, a septic system, and stormwater management areas (the “Project”) on a +/- 82-acre property located at 160 and 132 Pugsley Road (the “Project Site”) within the RC Zoning District in the Town of Southeast (Tax Map ID 45.-1-10 and 11). A portion of the Project Site is located within the Ridgeline Overlay District. As part of the Project, a portion of Barrett Road/Zimmer Road on the east side of Pugsley Road would be widened, all of which are Town owned roads. As part of the Project, existing parcels 45.-1-10 (“Lot 10”) and 45.-1-11 (“Lot 11”) would be subdivided to reduce the overall lot size from 153.5 acres to 81.8 acres. Lot 10 would be reduced in size from 93 acres to 66.2 acres and Lot 11 would be reduced from 60.5 acres to 15.6 acres. The balance of the land would be retained by the Town. The Project would disturb approximately 46.6 acres, including 4.6 acres of Town of Southeast wetland buffer/controlled area. The Project requires site plan, subdivision, and wetland permit approval from the Planning Board, land swap approval from the Town Board, and several area variances from the ZBA.